Condor Technology Associates , welcomes you to explore our world of innovation and research projects we are working on. We are a team of techno-professionals interested in finding new technological experiences with better ideas.

Condor Technology Associates is for the staff’s who do the real work – for  field technicians or messenger boy or post man who deliver a service to your customers or for inspectors who ensure the quality of your customers’ experiences.

CTA automates your current business work flow and paperwork – from scheduling through to the wireless in-field PDAs and wireless applications - as a monthly outsourced service or software as service or onetime step system deployed at your business house.

The result of implementing a Cta’s solution is a substantive direct bottom line advantage by

· Reducing administration overhead

· Increasing field productivity by >35%

· Improving safety compliance and governance

· Improving asset and parts tracking


Importantly, we have

· FUTURE-PROOFED our technology to ensure that applications deployed today can work on tomorrow's devices, operating systems and databases

· A Best of Breed product designed for the field user, in any language, whilst adhering to IT industry standards

· Exceptional support backed by a contracted Service Level Agreement

· Resellers that have been chosen on their industry expertise and are backed by our quality guarantee.

· Proof of quality is in our reference base, longevity of customer relationships and industry recognition. 




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